Ark to the Nations has been feeding and caring for children in Africa for the last two years.  This was Adam Reed Kerby's (ARK) heart. He longed to care for orphans in Africa and because we gave our word to him this will always be a part of ARK to the Nations.  However, we want to honor his life by making a difference here in the United States.  We are launching new projects in the special needs community.  We have always felt that special needs children are a gift to society and that they are truly gifted children.  We know first hand that caring for and meeting the needs of these children as a parent, family member or teacher is costly and can be burdensome.  We want to alleviate the financial burden to the caregivers so that these children can have the needs met and also develop to be all that they can be by providing opportunities in education and extra curricular activities.

To launch this portion of ARK to the Nations, we are starting with the communities and schools where ARK lived and attended.  We want to start with the communities that were such a blessing to him, and give back.