Avontuur is located in the state of Mpumalanga, South Africa, where the HIV Prevalence rate among mothers giving birth is 35% and the unemployment rate is 27%. Your investment will directly effect the future of these rates, this state, and the entire country. 

By linking arms with Children's Cup, we can immediately start giving aid to this city! By funding a Children's Cup CarePoint, we can help this city by setting up a well to provide clean water, feed the children on a daily basis, set up a feeding station, and build a playground in the community. 

We have already made so much progress. These are some photos of the finished kitchen, the playground and the well in Avontuur!



Bishop Jele:

"The church building is almost done!! Just look at this beauty...!!
Isn't this building beautiful?!
Thanks to Kerby family/dear friends!"

Bishop Jele:

"This makes my heart happy!!!!
A gift you can give to a child in Africa:
1. Give Jesus
2. A plate of food
3. A cup of clean water

This 'Well' has brought Life and Excitement to this kiddos!"


You can directly be a part of changing the future of over 60 children and this entire community!